I have dedicated much of my musical career over the last twenty years to teaching the double bass and electric bass. My wide range of musical experience, working in many different musical genres, has helped me to formulate a more comprehensive and universal approach, when compared to the simply classical or jazz methods, and has allowed me to evolve a personal teaching methodology that has now been well tried and tested. My collaboration with the web magazine JAZZITALIA and the  periodical musical journal GUITAR CLUB , which for over a decade has been publishing my transcriptions of those bass lines and bass solos which I have considered particularly important- either from an educational or from a purely musical point of view-, interviews, articles and exercises for electric and double bass, has contributed considerably to the quantity and variety of the material on which I base my teaching; even though my tendency is always to personalise to the utmost degree, the programme to the individual needs of each student. In my work for various music schools in Italy, such as the Accademia di Musica Moderna in Modena, the San Carlo Music School in Fermo, Musicarte in Chieti. and recently the M.A.T. in Villafranca di  Verona, I have had the opportunity to verify the efficacy of my methods, and also, at times, to test my methodologies and teaching approaches, in the context of short and long term clinics, where the results have been particularly positive.

 “BASS NOTES “ Vol.1 is a work of mine  about exercise for double bass from solos,walking and themes.If you want to see the index page and one of the chapters ( Cap.8, sorry only in italian), please click the pictures.

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At the bottom of this page you will find some of my transcriptions of solos and themes played by some of my favourite bassists. In the hope of offering something useful to those who have kindly visited my website, I have added a few observations, based on tunes and solos from the jazz repertoire, along with some technical exercises, with the hope of shedding light on some of the many problems with which the double bass presents us.


……….The Fourth Finger


One of the main problems in fingering for the double bass is with the use of the fourth finger which is the weaker that the others finger. ( Click Here )

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