W.S.B Jazz Trio



 This project presents three established musicians in a programme of transcultural music in which rhythms and sounds of the Jazz are wedded to European harmony and melody. This international trio are united by their shared spirit of creative spontaneity. The compositions all come from the pen of the musicians, in which GEOFF WARREN, English flautist, saxophonist and composer known on the international scene for his numerous collaborations, shows his great talent. At his side we find MARCELLO SEBASTIANI, Italian bassist and composer, known for his work as sideman with many American jazzmen as well as band leader in his own right and much respected teacher. Completing the TRIO we have ALBERTO BIONDI, an Italian percussionist who worked along in Jazz and Etno Music, great drums teacher as well as sideman much considerated.

Live Session – Splasch Record “ World Series”- 2005

We Bop Blues - More soul,Marcel l- Liberation -Latakian Smoke – Dexterity - Afro Blues- Medley

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*       We Bop Blues

*       Dexterity

*       More Soul, Marcel

*       Liberation







European Trio



 The compositions, all originals from Warren and Roy, give equal importance to the three protagonists; sometimes starting out from Indian rhythmic cycles, sometimes from western melodies, sometimes from Indian melodic modes, and sometimes from western grooves.

The strength of this trio lies in the personality and eclecticism of the three components, starting obviously with Badal Roy the first great tabla player to enter into the world of jazz- (it would suffice just to think of the four historic albums recorded with Miles Davis in the '70s, or his long, and still active collaboration with Ornette Coleman.)

This group is therefore more than just an encounter, it is a genuine transcultural project, in which different musical languages and experiences each bring their own approach to form and improvisation, starting out from the Harmony of the Drum. .

When Badal Roy joined Miles Davis back in 1970 he asked the band leader how he should play, and he has never forgotten the answer he received: "Play it like a nigger…" is what Miles said. It was a lot more than just a brash answer, and sometimes it's years later that one realises what the crux of a mysterious statement like that is. Miles liked the sound of tablas but he knew that the time and phrasing of Indian classical music didn't fit in with his concept of electric jazz. So he wanted Badal to develop a crossover style between two music cultures, between Indian sounds and Western phrasing…and Badal Roy has become one of the real pioneers of this wide field.

Badal Roy has received critical acclaim both in Europe and in the United States for his work in jazz fusion music, and at present with Ornette Coleman's Primetime. An imposing discography records his work with - apart from Davis - Herbie Mann, John McLaughlin, Dave Liebman, Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Nana Vasconcelos, and Dizzy Gillespie.

The current trio is a product of Badal's meeting English flautist/saxophonist Geoff Warren in New York in 1997. They have since worked on developing their music together, giving equal space to the different disciplines of tabla composition and western harmonic-melodic schemes. The trio is completed by Italian bass player Marcello Sebastiani, whose Mediterranean phrasing on the acoustic bass fits in perfectly with this crossover project.


Frammenti D’Anima – FMR Records - (FMRCD 202-0406) - London 2006

Courante - Dunes of Atlants - L’Ira di Krishna –Trouble - Delicias de Groove - Sonet in Three Dialects – Banglabruzzo - Whatever-Tramonto

*       Courante

*       L’Ira di Krishna

*       Sonet in Three Dialects


342 Bowery, New York, NY 10012-2408

- August 25th, 2006

- Frammenti D'Anima (FMR 202; UK) This sublime trio features Badal Roy on tables & percussion, Geoff Warren on concert & alto flutes and Marcello Sebastiani on double bass. Tabla virtuoso, Badal Roy, has worked with many giants of jazz like Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Dave Liebman and Perry Robinson. This fine disc brings together three musicians from varied cultures and traditions. Badal Roy is originally from India, yet now resides in NJ. Geoff Warren is from England and Marcello Sebastiani is from Italy, where this disc was recorded. This trio has been playing together for six years previous to this recording. "Courante" opens with an infectious groove, a bass-line that I impossible to forget, superb flute and tables dancing together. This disc is immensely well recorded and perfectly recorded, so the trio sounds as if they are one spirit in flight. Their contrabassist, Marcello, has a warm, and inviting tone that put him amongst the best of all bassist. On "L'ira Di Krishna", Badal plays a tabla groove that is so funky it feels like he wants to get everyone up and dancing. Geoff takes one of the best flute solos ever and Marcello also locks into the groove with his dynamic bass, taking an incredible solo as well. I can't think of a more beautiful trio disc I've heard in a long while, three masters in perfect harmony with each other. - BLG




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After Pop Ensamble

Stefano Taglietti is one of the most acclamate young composer of the modern Art Music area.

His compositions for little ensamble,Symphonic Orchestra and solo instruments are played by resonable Orchestras such as Berliner Philarmoniker,Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI, on radio sessions and in live concert in USA and in Europe.

The “After Pop Project” is based on an open group of instruments and voices coming from various musical areas.They work over the compisitions, improvisation and the expressive ideas from the leader who can paste or to cut the recording stuff in an unitary form. In live performances the improvisation and the obligato parts became the way over the ensamble run the own carateristic language.

The Taglietti’s After Pop Suite” ( RAI Trade Editions) has excited the interest of many critics and musicians as Heiner Goebbles who wrote to Taglietti:


“…I was very pleased, by that format out of all the other formats;

great meeting of pop and new music aesthetics. compliments! and thanks for the

CD best wishes -- Heiner Goebbels


Some of “ After Pop Project “ musicians are:


Stefano Taglietti


Marcello Sebastiani


Oberdan Fratini


Pablo Montagne

Electric guitar

Diana Torto


Jacopo di Tonno


Massimiliano Pitocco


Gianluca Ciavatta

Alto Sax

Fabrizio Mandolini

Tenor & Sop. Saxes

Alfredo Laviano

Percussion & Drums

Alessandro Tomassetti

Vibes & Marimba